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Q: How far is the Lodge from Leavenworth?
A: Three and half miles from downtown Leavenworth.

Q: Should we take the train (Amtrak) to Leavenworth.
A: Unfortunately we suggest no. Due to late the late arrival and very early departure logistics are diffcult. The train platform is located 5 miles from the Lodge and 3 miles from     Leavenworth, thus a shuttle service is needed. Please feel free to call us (800) 414-2378 reagrding other transportation options.

Q: Do you accept dogs?
A: No, not here at the Lodge. But...we have a wonderful boarding facility near by where our guests during their stay go over to play and hike with their dog. The facility is     called Haus Denali Kennels at and we highly recommend them.

Q: Can a sportscar drive up to the Lodge in the Spring, Summer & Fall?
A: No problem, the road is a gravel and dirt base with a few areas where you may need to move from left to right to ensure ground clearance.

Q: We have a four wheel drive, can we drive up in the winter or when there is snow on the ground.
A: No, Mountain Home Road is closed when snow is present on the road due to the 13% grade. The road is typically closed from mid November til mid April.

Q: Do I need tire chains to get to the Lodge winter parking area?
A: No. However we do suggest having them for driving over the Washington State Passes. Some tire stores (ie: Les Schwab) will allow you to return them at the end of the winter     season if not used. Also a tire store will correctly fit them to your vehicle and show you how to put them on.

Q: What if I can't make the last transportation arrival time of 5:30pm in the wintertime?
A: Special arrangments can be made at an additional cost.

Q: Is the swimming pool open year around?
A: No, we open the pool in late April and begin and close in mid October. Our hot tub is open year around.

Q: How far are the cabins from the Lodge?
A: Approximately 100 to 130 yards.

Q: Is there a common area in the Lodge?
A: Yes, there is a large fireplace with burel wood sofas and a surround sound entertainment room on our lower level.

Q: Is there cellphone service?
A: Its dependent on your provider. Currently, AT&T has very good coverage and Verzion has limited depending where you are on the property.

Q: Do I need to be a guest to have dinner at the Lodge?
A: Non Lodging Guests may gladly join us for dinner in the Spring, Summer & Fall by advance reservations.

Q: Is there a dress code for dinner?
A: No, casual dress is just fine.

Q: Are children allowed?
A: Children under the age of 16 are welcome only when a group reserves the entire hotel to ensure the peace and seclusion of other guests.

Q: Dietary issues?
A: Our Chefs will gladly accommodate any dietary issues. Please contact us in advance to make these arrangements.

Q: One night stay?
A: The Lodge has adhered to a policy of a two night stay even when a one night is available. This is in respect to the privacy of the guests who are staying multiple nights. Due to      our small 12 accommodation facility, we feel this concierge approach is very important to what our guests expect from MHL.

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