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Winter 2015

With the holidays behind you now, what better way to start off the new year than with a fun filled escape to Mountain Home Lodge? Join us for a romantic getaway with your special someone snowbound on the mountain offering privacy, gourmet cuisine and all your winter recreation activities.

Snows now blanket the Cascades and have transformed the mountain into a winter wonderland of fun and adventures. The trails are great for snowshoeing with guests enjoying the 2-5 mile loops at the Lodge and 12-17 mile treks into the backcountry for the more adventuresome! The 1,700' sledding hill is a blast to frolic in the snow for everyone!

Here at the Lodge we are thrilled to have Little Red, our beloved little snowcat, back in action after a long hiatus. As you may recall, Little Red fell ill last February when his engine went kaput! Not something you can just run down to the local auto shop for a quick repair. Brad located "Don" up in Nome Alaska that builds engines modified for this particular machine. After months and months, the engine arrived via a transport ship in Seattle in November. Our local auto mechanic and Brad worked to get the new engine and all it's components installed. Little Red now has a new engine and is a gem cruising the mountain! Big Blue and The Monster Van are happy to have their pal back in our winter fleet.

Chef Ron has also been busy with modifications of his own as he refines the winter menus. His Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Bourbon Mushrooms is a hit as well as Bronzed Halibut with Wilted Kale and Lemon Beurre Blanc this season. Favorite desserts like our Flourless Fallen Chocolate Cake and Bavarian Apple Torte continue to rave reviews. With chilly days, our soup repertoire expands to include Roasted Red Pepper Soup using coconut milk for a dairy and gluten free hit, Curry Lentil Soup and old standards such as Hungarian Mushroom and Cindy's Corn Chowder. The kitchen smells warm the Lodge with delicious aromas all day long!

Winter reservation space is limited, but if you can find an open spot in your travel calendar, and ours, these next few months, keep us in mind for the perfect winter escape. Millie the dog and Jack and Cracker the cats are looking forward to welcoming you to a fun filled visit and so are we!


Brad and Kathy